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Swap Anything, Between All Chains

The AnySniper Cross Chain Swap is the flagship product of our trading suite, a pioneering tool that permits seamless conversion of any token from the relaying chain to any token on the recipient chain with guaranteed instant finality of settlement.

Non Custodial,
Privacy Oriented

The Swap is a non custodial protocol where you retain total control over your funds. Additionally, it offers you the option of adding a layer of privacy to your transactions by anonymizing them. The smart contracts that power these transactions are immutable, in that their operation cannot be tampered with, rendering them inalterable and adding a layer of safety to your transactions.






DeFi trading Swifter, Safer and Smarter for All

The AnySniper Trading Dapp offers a powerful suite of intuitive trading tools to users. Assess the risk of investing in micro cap projects in DeFi, use our integrated Take Profit/Stop Loss tools to make trading smooth, protect yourself with the ability to frontrun malicious developer actions through our mempool scanner and mimic the wallets of superior traders through our exclusive copy trade feature.

Stake your $SNIPE tokens to participate in our Decentralized Lending Protocol

Offer liquidity to our proprietary Cross Chain Swap via staking and receive stablecoin rewards derived from the Swap transaction fees.



1,000,000 1 SNIPE = 0.1 USD
50,000 200% Ratio
USD Dollar
USD Dollar

Snipe all your DeFi trading

All your DeFi trading done swifter and smarter. Our AnySniper Trading Dashboard, with its contract scanner, anti-rugpull and take profit/stop loss features offers you extraordinary control over your trading decisions, placing you at the front of line when it matters most.

Any to Any,

Users can seamlessly convert any token from any relaying chain to any token on any recipient chain, with guaranteed instant finality of settlement.

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Your Privacy a Priority

Privacy is a human right. Users of our Swap can choose to mask the identity of their wallets while executing transactions in order to protect their transaction from prying eyes.

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Smart Trading

The AnySniper Smart Trading DApp offers one of the most robust and safe trading experiences for every day traders, with the ability to customize every transaction to suit their needs

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Stake $SNIPE

The AnySniper Cross Chain Swap offers $SNIPE holders the option to stake their tokens which are then leveraged by our Swap for liquidity provision, creating a unique liquidity pool that is agnostic to the tokens sought to be transferred on the swap

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Stake to power the AnySniper Cross Chain

The AnySniper Cross Chain Swap draws its life breath from our proprietary decentralized lending protocol. ‘Stake’ your $SNIPE tokens to offer liquidity to the AnySniper Swap architecture. In return, earn stablecoin rewards from the revenue generated by our native Cross Chain Swap. The AnySniper team is strongly committed to the goal of decentralization in finance.

Commitment to Decentralization

In the future, $SNIPE stakers will be able to reserve their seat at the table by becoming participants in a decentralized organization that shall govern the AnySniper ecosystem.

A Say in the Process

$SNIPE stakers shall be vested with the right to vote for decisions affecting the related protocols (either directly or by delegation), empowering them to persistently participate in its development and innovation.

The timeline

From one pinnacle to the next, we believe in delivering technology that makes DeFi more meaningful and accessible to all.